Uniform Policy & Vendors

School uniforms may be purchased from any vendor as long as they comply with the guidelines below. For a printable copy of the Uniform Policy, select here. 

Embroidery services and shirts can be provided by our approved vendors.  Approved vendors are:

TS Embroidery

Day & Night Embroidery

KNG – Clothing & Embroidery

Donavan Prince


Crafty Dragonfly by Emily
phone: 208-794-4447
email: emily@craftydragonfly.us
website: craftydragonfly.us

ZipLine Strings
Danielle Park

Rosalie Little 

French Toast
Source Code QS5GYRK

Land’s End

Uniform clothing must be of appropriate size (No excessive tightness or bagging) and meet the following guidelines

Guidelines for appropriate pants, shorts or skirts

  • Khaki, black or navy pants, shorts, capris, skirts, jumpers, or skorts may be worn. 
  • Items may be no more than 4 inches above the knee and must be hemmed.
  • No more than two pockets on the front and two pockets on the back are allowed.
  • Pockets must not have embellishments or oversized buttons. 
  • No cargo or flared pants.
  • Fabric should be cotton, polyester, twill, or any blend of the listed fabrics. 
  • No corduroy, velvet, denim, or fleece material will be allowed.  
  • Color of khaki does not include white, brown or greenish khaki.

Guidelines for appropriate shirts, sweaters & jackets

  • Traditional Polo shirts or collared/button-down shirts in any solid color.
  • No secondary color is present on the shirt (no trim or stripes)
  • Shirts embroidered with school logo (no patches allowed)
  • Polo shirt will have 2-4 buttons, polo collar, and appropriate sleeve length (short, 3/4, or long sleeved). No cap sleeves, snaps, or Johnny collars.
  • Shirts must cover midriff.
  • Shirts will be required to have all buttons fastened except for the top two.
  • Solid colored turtlenecks, tanks and long or short sleeved tees may be worn under approved polo or collared button-down shirt for warmth.
  • No lace camis.
  • All undershirts must be tucked in.

Additional guidelines for school uniforms

  • Traditional Crew or V-neck sweater, cardigan, or sweatshirt in solid colors, with logo, may be won over polo or collared button down shirts. Only jackets that are embroidered or school club related may be worn inside the building.
  • No pullover hooded sweatshirts.
  • Once entering the building all jackets should be removed. Only school approved and embroidered jackets can be worn. Socks, tights, or stockings must be a solid color.
  • Shoes must be conducive to any school activity. No backless sandals/shoes will be allowed, includes clogs, flip flops, etc. Heels must be no higher than 1 1/2 inch.
  • No hats or head coverings (exceptions made for medical/religious purposes).
  • No dangling or large jewelry, including chains. No belts over shirts.
  • No makeup (elementary students only).
  • No hair paint.
  • No visible tattoos or body piercing, except earrings (elementary students only).
The administration has authority to allow an exception to the dress code/uniform poicy - i.e.: special jean days, spirit days, etc.