High School Mathematics

Mathematics 1, 2, 3

A series of three math classes based on the integrated pathway model as stated in the common core standards. Each of the three courses has sections of numbers and quantities, functions, algebra, geometry, probability, and statistics. The curriculum used for this course is the mathematics vision project. The Mathematics Vision Project confronts students with an engaging problem and then allows them to solve it with previous math knowledge. As students’ ideas emerge, take form, and are shared, the teacher orchestrates the student discussions and explorations towards a focused mathematical goal. Students justify their own thinking while clarifying, describing, comparing, and questioning the thinking of others leading to refined thinking and mathematical fluency.


Concurrent Calculus is designed for students with business, social science, and life science majors in mind.  It covers functions, limits, continuity, derivative, maxim-minima, applications of the derivative, exponential and logarithmic functions, functions of several variables, maxima and minima of functions of several variables, integration, and applications of the integral.  PREREQ:  PreCalculus with a minimum grade of C.

Personal Finance

This class will provide a hands-on, applicable, useful, and experiential way of learning and using mathematics. The course concentrates on the mathematics necessary to understand and make informed decisions related to personal finance. In this course students practice math skills and related life skills needed in the areas of budgeting, banking, saving, selecting housing, and understanding credit cards, loans and interest. Students gain proficiency in rounding money amounts, estimating costs, finding an average, finding a percent, interpreting various forms of graphs, tables, diagrams, and models to communicate mathematical information and to explain mathematical reasoning and concepts.