Health & Fitness


The class will cover three areas of health; Mental and Emotional Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Risk Awareness and Prevention.  We will be discussing topics that are sometimes difficult or embarrassing to talk about.  Please remember that this is a safe place to get answers to questions you have about your personal health, safety and well-being. 
Fifty percent of your semester grade will be based on participation.  This includes attendance, behavior and engagement in class activities.  The remaining fifty percent will be based on lecture and presentation note taking, quizzes, worksheets, projects, group presentations and tests.


The goal of this class is to increase student health and wellness.  In particular we will focus on; muscular strength/endurance, flexibility and cardio-respiratory endurance.  We will also learn about, discuss and practice; healthy eating habits, making positive lifestyle choices and the benefits of lifetime fitness activities.  Students will be engaged in a variety of class activities.  The activities will include, but not be limited to; stretching, walking/jogging/running, fitness testing, speed and agility exercises, weight and resistance exercises, relaxation techniques, rock climbing, individual and dual sports, team sports, co-operative/team-building games, leading class activities, healthy eating strategies and positive lifestyle choices.  We will also be scheduling field trips off-campus for exercise opportunities.  Information on these trips will be provided throughout the semester.