Students will practice reading comprehension and textual analysis through the study of various genres including fiction (through short stories and at least one novel study), poetry, drama (with a focus on Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare), and non-fiction. Writing and grammar skills will be improved through daily vocabulary and other language warm up activities as well as through more formal periodic writing and grammar/usage assignments. The 6 + 1 Writing Traits method is emphasized for writing assignments. Students will complete one in-depth research paper using MLA format.


Students will continue their study of literature, grammar and writing. Literature units covered include fiction (the short-story), non-fiction, poetry, drama, the novel, and the heroic tradition. Students will use the writing process to complete a variety of writing projects that include but are not limited to a short story, expository writing, persuasive writing, literary response, poetry, and a research paper.


English 11 builds knowledge and understanding of literature and language skills with the emphasis on American Literature.  The class is organized chronologically to cover each literary period’s historical, political, and social contexts.    The class is divided into the following sections:  Encounters and Foundations to 1800, American Romanticism, the rise of Realism and the Civil War, the Moderns, and  contemporary  literature.  Writing skills are developed through vocabulary study, the History Day Research Paper, essay writing, and journaling.


Reading selections and historical context will focus on the British tradition. We study British literature chronologically beginning with the Anglo-Saxon Period and continuing until we reach the late 19th to early 20th centuries. Medieval, Renaissance, Romantic, and Victorian authors will be a major part of the curriculum. Along with the variety of shorter works (i.e. poetry, short stories, essays, etc.), we will also study Shakespeare and at least one classic novel by a British author. The writing portion of our class will be integrated throughout the literary curriculum. Students will do a variety of writing both in type and length. And, yes, there will be a six to eight page research paper. Along with the writing process; style, grammar, punctuation, and usage will be emphasized. At IACS we use the MLA format for all formal writing assignments.