Student Clubs

Comic Crafting Club

The Comic Crafting Club is a group dedicated to imagination, storytelling, and creativity. We hope to be able to spread even more art to Idaho and to the school.  We are a group of artists and storytellers that want to help each other to heighten and strengthen their art and stories. We are a group that wants to help the community as much as possible. We plan to help the elementary students by making kids’ books and small comic strips to help with spelling concepts.

 We want to be able to work together and strengthen our talents. We plan to make a wide spectrum of storytelling. We plan to make books, children's books, graphic novels, comic books, picture books, and comic strips. We plan to help teach each other and have people who work in theses areas to get help from.

We want to expand and bring even more art to the school by combining creative writing and visual art to create literary art. We hope to bring a new fun element to this school for kids to be more creative and express themselves by banding together as a club to help each other realize their talents and strengthen each other.