Kendal Fleshman

Welcome to the brief introduction of Kendal Fleshman! First, I am a parent of two students at Idaho Arts Charter School. I am thrilled to be back at a school that thrives in teaching children through the arts. Prior to moving in Idaho in 2006, I taught in Las Vegas for 6 years at a school much like IACS so I feel like I am in a prior comfort zone. Las Vegas is where I met and finally married my high school sweetheart in 2000. Steven and I have three incredible children, Colton, Brodie, and Autumn (our ABC’s). Steven is a teacher and a coach for multiple sports at Skyview High School in Nampa.

Since my first year of teaching, I have taught a diverse group of students ranging in grade levels kindergarten through ninth grade with every day becoming a new adventure. These memories are still cherished and each experience has contributed to the mother and teacher I am today. I am passionate about learning and still continue to seek more educational knowledge. After receiving my Bachelors in 2000, an Educational Leadership Masters in 2003, and a Curriculum & Instruction with emphasis in mathematics Masters in 2006, I decided to learn more about special needs among children. I received my third masters in Special Education in 2012.

When I am not teaching, I am a mother first. Like many mothers, my evenings consist of; attending the current season of sport practice, fiddle practice, attending dad’sporting events, doing homework, cooking, cleaning the house, and raising children. The things I enjoy doing in my other spare moments are; gardening, canning, cooking, scrapbooking, playing with my children, and laughing at the funny things they say and do. As a family, we enjoy camping, traveling, and doing activities together even if it is as simple as taking a walk together or watching a movie.

This will be a fabulous year so stop by and see all the wonderful things our students can accomplish as we venture through this school year together!